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Team Sponsoring

The goal of this team is to help us find partners to accompany us throughout our events and aid us financially. We aim to collaborate with startup founders, as well as experts from both the academic world and the industry. This is a great opportunity to have a first contact with the professional world. You will learn how to contact professionals through mails, linkedin, and in meetings. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to redact contracts.

Team Contest

The goal of the Team Contest is to organise our main event: a 6-month startup incubator with a CHF 30’000 cash prize. You will be working with our partners to organise workshops, presentations, and a closing ceremony with 100+ people. Joining this team will provide a great learning opportunity to discover how to organise such large events. You will also interact with inspiring and dynamic students and future entrepreneurs.

Team Events

The goal of Team Events is to organise multiple events throutghout the year. You will be planning 2-day bootcamps, conferences and a hackathon. While your activities will be similar to that of the Team Contest, the events you will be working on are smaller but more diversified.

Team Marketing

The goal of Team Marketing is to advertise our events, communicate with students, and gain visibility. You will be working on social media posts and videos, posters, and marketing strategies. This is the perfect opportunity to have a first contact with tools extensively used in the industry such as Figma and Canva.

Team Intern

The goal of Team Intern is to manage the internal affairs of our incredible association. You will be planning an integration week-end, resume photo shoots, as well as drinks and dinners.

Team IT

The goal of this team is to improve our digital image and processes. Your mission will be to develop a better looking website than this one. In addition, you will be tasked to implement automatisation in a large number of our operations using industry-used no-code tools such as Zapier, Make, Hubspot,…¬†