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START Contest is the main event of START Lausanne, its goal is to introduce the students to entrepreneurship. 
During the different eliminatory stages of the Contest, the teams have to work on all the different phases of a startup creation, from the Elevator Pitch to the Business Plan, passing by the Value Proposition. From October to April, they are surrounded by experts from the entrepreneurial or academic world, who teach them classes or give them advice to transform their idea into a real startup. 
At the end of April, during the closing ceremony, the 6 finalists present their work in front of the jury and the public, and the laureates win 30’000 to launch their startup.
Contest rules and modalities



- Sunday 25: Registrations end          - Wednesday 28: Pitch training            


- Wednesday 04: Elevator Pitch
- Wednesday 11: Value Proposition training
- Sunday 22: Value Proposition give back


- Wednesday 09: Business Model training


- Wednesday 24: Business Model give back


- Wednesday 03: Business Model presentation
- Wednesday 10: Business Plan training
- Wednesday 17: Roundtable 
- Wednesday 24: BCorp coaching
- Sunday 28: Business Plan give back


- Wednesday 14: Business Plan presentation
- Wednesday 28: Closing ceremony
Stages may change due to the pandemic