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Start Contest

The START Contest is the main event event of START Lausanne and aims to introduce students to entrepreneurship. During the various elimination stages of the competition, the teams had to work on all the all the phases of creating a startup, from the Elevator Pitch to the Value Proposition and the Business Model. From October to May, they were surrounded by experts from the world of  the entrepreneurial or academic world, through training courses and selection stages to to transform their idea into a real start-up. This evening, the winners of the competition will be announced and will win the CHF 30,000 to launch their startup. 

Start 404

START 404 invites students from different backgrounds to profiles to interact with each other and to reflect on study cases that highlight specific issues around a issues around a theme. After introduced to the technologies in question, the objective is to improve the understanding of the technology while developing concrete solutions to the solutions to the problem based on these innovative innovative technologies. In order to promote a high level of diversity, participants from no less than 3 different cities (Lausanne, Paris and Dakar) who are gathered in this hackathon. In addition, by bringing together students from various backgrounds (engineering, management, etc.), the groups combine both the technical and the business side of things, allowing the creation of and complete projects.

Start Week-end

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