Welcome to Lausanne Entrepreneurial Scene

Just to keep challenging yourself


A dynamic team of students from UNIL and EPFL passionated by innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. 


We cultivate, promote and foster entrepreneurial mindsets by connecting talented and brilliant minds together. 


Because we believe in a society driven by innovation, entrepreneurship and ethics.

We create unique opportunities for students and companies 

Years of Experience
Spectators at the START Contest Award Ceremony
Participants at our first Techstars Startup Weekend
Projects born by our side

Our Main Activities

Techstars Startup Weekend

54 hours to develop an idea into a startup

START Contest

Come with an idea, learn, develop it, and win 30k+ cash prizes

Road to START Summit

Pitch your startup and take your chance to win a fast track for START Summit


Learn how to become an entrepreneur with the greatest minds

They believe in us and take part to the story

Our campus partners

Our media partners

Let’s Get in Touch

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